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The Puget Sound region is an inland area of the Pacific Northwest in Washington (State), including the Puget Sound, the Puget Sound lowlands, and the surrounding region roughly west of the Columbia basin. The urban region designated the Puget Sound Region is centered on Seattle, Washington, and consists of nine counties, two urban center cities and four satellite cities making up what has been dubbed "Pugetopolis". Both urban core cities have large industrial areas and seaports plus a high-rise central business district. The satellite cities are primarily suburban, featuring a small downtown core and a small industrial area or port. The suburbs consist mostly of residences, strip malls, and shopping centers. The region is also home to numerous ports. The two largest and busiest are the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma, which, if combined, comprise the second largest container port in North America after Los Angeles/Long Beach.

A unique state-run ferry system, the Washington State Ferries, connects the larger islands to the Washington mainland, as well as both sides of the sound, allowing cars and people to move about the greater Puget Sound region.

Local Jobs Stolen From Residents

As if Puget Sound, Washington residents sit aside with fewer jobs available; the federal government exposed the fact that Seattle Tunnel Partners and Washington State Department of Transportation hold responsibility for failing in meeting small business contracting goals. The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) had issues a report that displayed information about Seattle Tunnel Partners. This company intentionally discriminated against minority owned businesses and small businesses. The WSDOT was well aware of the problem and looked that other way. This contributed to the continuation of unemployed workers. This situation is being rectified.

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